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Masseria Ruòtolo offers all customers the chance to celebrate all kinds of events with traditional healthy and tasty food


Healthy organic food

Masseria Ruòtolo is a family-run business: Antonella, Luciano and Marcella are perfectionists when it comes to preparing local traditional dishes. They prepare lots of different kinds of food on the farm, such as homemade pasta, cheeses, fruit juices, jams and preserves, canned vegetables in olive oil, traditional liqueurs, meat from the farm and traditional cakes.

Some of the traditional dishes offered to guests are:

  • wheat and beans
  • tagliolini pasta and grass peas
  • cicorielle (a variety of chicory) and broad beans
  • Ruòtolo style cavatellini pasta
  • orecchiette pasta with mushrooms and sausages
  • Ruòtolo style rabbit
  • "au cutturiedde" lamb

All the dishes are prepared in harmony with nature and the history of the Murgia region.

Special care is taken when preparing menus for people suffering from food intolerance (lactose intolerance, celiac disease etc) and for vegetarians, vegans etc.

The farm has:

  • A scenic restaurant hall (200 sq.m.)
  • A kitchen
  • A wood oven

The farm buildings surrounding the old threshing area have been turned into

  • A hall for meetings, conferences, parties, receptions and catering services
  • A kitchen
  • A wood oven
  • Bathrooms for disabled people
Evening activities and fairs

There are lots of events for the lovers of good food.
Every Saturday theme-based enogastronomy evenings with songs and dancing are organised at the farm. The great dishes served in these occasions include wild boar roasted in the wood oven, Ruòtolo style rabbit, Acquaviva onions, wheat and grain, chilli pepper, pettole (fried leavened dough), sgagliozze (fried polenta) and skilfully prepared vegetables.

There is no shortage of country fairs, patron saint festival fairs and traditional fairs in the area surrounding the farm.

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