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Le petanque

For years Masseria Ruòtolo has been working with CONI [the Italian Olympic committee] - with the Bari provincial committee in particular – on behalf of the Federazione Italiana Bocce [Italian Boules Association] and the Associazione Bocciofila [Boules Association] in Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari). In the agritourism resort there is an experimental, promotional petanque court in a natural clearing in the woods, so adults and children can learn to play this game that, to date, few people in Italy know about.

In many ways petanque is similar to the Italian game “bocce”, but the balls are made of metal and weigh 800 grams at the most. In a petanque game there are six metal balls and one small wooden ball.

The game is played by two individuals competing against each other or by four or six people in two teams. The number of balls available depends on the number of players. The size of the court ranges between 12 x 3 metres and 15 x 4 metres, generally on a flat surface with slight slopes and no large stones.  Unlike the Italian game of bocce, the court is marked with string.

The team (or individual) to score the most out of thirteen points wins.