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“Working on the land, gardening and dealing with animals can free the soul, providing peace and a feeling of self-fulfilment not unlike the experience of meditation” H. Hesse.

Masseria Ruòtolo, aware that society and its needs are changing, began an innovative activity, social farming. Starting from the "open family” idea – which is traditional in this farm – they designed a number of activities, with therapeutic, rehabilitation, social inclusion, work inclusion, recreational and educational purposes, which can help follow a healthy lifestyle every day, living in harmony with the land and the animals.

After carefully analysing community and health needs, Masseria Ruòtolo is offering social farming (with various kinds of activities) as an innovative tool that can satisfy a number of them.

  • REHABILITATION AND TREATMENT These activities, which are designed for people with severe physical, mental and social disabilities, have a strong social and therapeutic purpose.
  • TRAINING AND JOB PLACEMENTS These activities are designed to help socially disadvantaged people (such as people with moderate and mild disabilities, former convicts, drug addicts, immigrants, refugees) enter the labour market more easily.
  • RECREATION AND QUALITY OF LIFE These activities are for people with specific needs (such as elderly people) and have social and recreational purposes (e.g. social agritourism activities or community vegetable garden plots in the outskirts of towns).
  • EDUCATION These activities are aimed at making young and not-so-young people with problems (permanent or temporary) more aware of environmental matters.


Press release – 9th September 2011

The good Harvest -

The good harvest continues… the next stops are in central and southern Italy

One third of “the good harvest” tour has been completed. The aim of the tour, which is organised by AiCARE (Agenzia Italiana per la Campagna e l'Agricoltura Responsabile ed Etica [Italian Agency for the Countryside and Responsible and Ethical Agriculture]) and AgriGiochiAmo, is to learn about social farming in Italy. So far the tour has shown that this kind of farming – which is closely linked to the areas and the communities in which the food is grown – is carried out in lots of different ways.


Press release – 23rd August 2011

The good Harvest -

The ‘good harvest’ journey is beginning

Rome, Italy (23rd Augusto 2011) – 7.500 Km is the distance our friends will travel to collect information on social farming and educational farm activities.

The good harvest is a 30-day journey through Italy, from Udine to Agrigento. More than 40 different kinds of Italian farms will be seen – these businesses generate profits and, at the same time, they deal with social needs, services and environmental sustainability.