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Birdwatching is not just looking at birds - it means walking in the natural environment, looking around in search of wildlife.

Birdwatching is just an excuse – with some scientific reason behind it - to be out in the open, in the countryside, woods, in the mountains, enjoying the emotions that only this kind of experience can provide.

Physical and mental exercise helps release tension and reduces stress. Worries are put aside and long-forgotten instincts and feelings are discovered anew.

Everybody can enjoy birdwatching, at any time of year. All that is required are sensible clothes (without bright colours), a good pair of binoculars and a book to recognise the birds.

An experienced guide (belonging to the "Argonauti" group) will help walkers discover a world of sounds, songs, flying techniques and images, helping them learn to pay attention to the surroundings and develop self-awareness, self-control and patience. Looking at birds, as they fly freely, helps improve our ability to reflect and adjust.

According to the season, different birds can be spotted in the oak woods, fields and meadows that surround Masseria Ruotolo, such as great tits and blue tits, golden orioles, thrushes, blackbirds, long-tailed tits, long-eared owls, sparrowhawks, lesser kestrels, common buzzards, subalpine warblers, blackcaps, Sardinian warblers, robin red-breasts, pigeons, jays, serins, greenfinches, European siskins, hawfinches, goldfinches, common swifts and pallid swifts…

Birdwatching is liberating.