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Open-air Activities

These programmes or open-air activities last one day and are designed for people who love the local traditions, culture and the natural environment of the Murgia area.

Nature, culture, tradition and open-air activities are included in the programmes of Masseria Ruotolo, which has always valorised them.

Enjoy the natural environment and respect the local traditions and culture of our land.

The herbs of the centenarians

Erbe selvaticheYou will learn about the edible wild herbs and plants growing in the Murgia area with the help of an expert, then cook and enjoy them.


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Among rocks and plants

didattica7Outing to discover the woods - with a pause to make bread in a wood oven!


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The Cave of Christ  

Grotta di CristoA speleology journey to learn about the “Cave of Christ” followed by lessons on stone sculpture or clay modelling.

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The wood-dwellers

UccelloClose encounters with the inhabitants of the woods and the natural environment. Afternoon workshop building artificial nests.

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Dancing in a circle

danzare_cerchioA day together to honour the relationship between man and nature, learning how people belonging to other cultures dance.

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BiologicoA walk in the woods and lunch with organic food, to understand the importance of food choices with the help of an expert.

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