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visite_speleologiche1Guided speleology outings are among the activities that Masseria Ruotolo has given considerable importance to over the years. The professional speleologist dealing with this activity, Mr Del Vecchio, has considerable experience, which is an asset because it allows visitors to fully appreciate the beauty of what they are shown.

There are two caves near the farm that are worth visiting. One is known as the “Cave of Christ” and the other as “Cave of Nisco”. Their distance from Masseria Ruotolo is 800 metres and 2.5 km respectively.

The first cave, the “Cave of Christ”, is famous for the large column in the centre of a large chamber (about 100 metres from the entrance). The column was formed by the fusion of stalactites and stalagmites. The second cave, known as “Nisco”, was discovered more recently than the first. Important archaeological remains, dating back to the late Neolithic age, were found here, including pottery items, arrowheads, the bones of prehistoric animals and human bones (the cave was used for burials). The contents of the cave are in the Altamura Archaeology Museum (about 22 km from Masseria Ruotolo).

Interesting speleology outings can be organised anywhere in the area surrounding Masseria Ruotolo. To reach the surrounding areas, visitors must travel through most of the south-eastern part of the Murgia region, which changes considerably from one season to the next - a detail in this uniquely beautiful area.

Masseria Ruotolo and speleology outings. History and quality together.