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Teaching activities on the Farm

Masseria didattica

Masseria Didattica (teaching activities on the farm), a project designed for schools, is the result of research and experience. It aims at valorising the area Masseria Ruotolo is in (i.e. the south eastern area of the Murgia region). This project was designed after studying the projects of Italian and European farms that developed environmentally-friendly programmes. One of its aims is to bring students and teachers closer to the rural world, so they can learn about its environmental, ethical and cultural elements and comply with national laws on agritourism activities.

The first activity was held on 21st March 1999. Thanks to the commitment and the professional work of the staff there were other 70 events of this kind. The direct experience with the students and teachers proved useful in the elaboration of the ideas and activities that will be organised in the future.

Associations such as Comunità Montana, Regione Puglia, W.W.F. and Lega Ambiente were very interested in this project. Funds were found for initiatives and facilities in harmony with the region’s features, designed to make Masseria Didattica the crowning achievement of all that regards the knowledge, protection and respect of part of the complex Murgia heritage.