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Areas and trails for sports training

Masseria Ruotolo (about 430 metres a.s.l.) is surrounded by 70 hectares of woods of Macedonian oak and Downy oak. With its clean air, it is the perfect setting for athletes training and preparing for the sports season. Its facilities are suitable for individual training and team training.


Cross country running

To establish a relationship between sports and the environment, Masseria Ruòtolo created a permanent 3 km race course in an old 'lamia' on the farm. It is suitable for athletes preparing for cross country races. The carefully designed course, which has level areas and slopes, is a challenge for racers and helps them train.


Mountain biking

For some time now the 70 hectare-wood surrounding Masseria Ruòtolo has been used by athletes preparing for mountain bike competitions. Athletes training for provincial and regional tournaments come to us.


Le petanque

For years Masseria Ruòtolo has been working with CONI [the Italian Olympic committee] - with the Bari provincial committee in particular – on behalf of the Federazione Italiana Bocce [Italian Boules Association] and the Associazione Bocciofila [Boules Association] in Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari). In the agritourism resort there is an experimental, promotional petanque court in a natural clearing in the woods, so adults and children can learn to play this game that, to date, few people in Italy know about.



One of the many entertaining sports activities Masseria Ruotolo can offer is orienteering. There are two fields (for adults and children) to practice this sport in. Masseria Ruotolo collaborates with the Associazione Federale Italiana Sport Orientamento [Italian Federal Orienteering Association]. The facilities are suitable for professional players and for teaching-recreational purposes.