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The Ruotòlo Agritourism Resort has twenty years of experience in breeding and training Murgese horses and Martina Franca donkeys.

All year round, a team of E.N.G.E.A. and F.I.S.E. instructors – with specific skills and duties – carries out educational programmes to teach people about these horses and donkeys. The programme activities include educational-recreational projects and games for schools, groups or individuals, who will be taught about breeding and training techniques in the natural environment the animals live in.

In the summer children and adolescents can learn to ride, to look after and respect the animals and the environment by participating in stages and residential courses (lasting one week).

Equitazione - Cavallo murgese - Turismo equestre Equitazione - Cavallo murgese - Turismo equestre Equitazione - Cavallo murgese - Turismo equestre

Guests staying in the Ruotòlo Agritourism Resort can have riding preparatory lessons in about 70 acres of woods of the farm. They can have discounts from the riding stables below (booking is required).

For information and explanations, please call Masseria Ruòtolo on: tel. +39 080.764511 - +39 080.764336 - mob. +39 334.2347202

or for larger groups please contact Centro Equituristico Parcone
Michele mob. +39 329.8211467
Erasmo mob +39 339.3830705 - 320.7520652


Riding Stage Juniores

The Ruòtolo riding centre offers boys and girls aged between 8 and 17 a residential riding stage (juniores stage). They will be taught the theory of horse-riding and will train and work together. The course aims at teaching participants to express themselves when interacting with other people.

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