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tiro_arco2Archery is a sport suitable for families. To be a good archer it is not necessary to be very strong and muscular, so women and young people can enjoy it very much. Most importantly, it is suitable for disabled people who compete on the same level as able-bodied archers.  Archery teaches self-control and to know one’s body.

The Ruotòlo Agritourism resort, working withA.S. ARCIERI DEL MELOGRANO (archery association) offers its guests the chance to test their archery skills with the help of CONI-FITARCO instructors (free of charge).

tiro_arco3FITARCO (the Italian Archery Federation) governs the various types of competition, although two are the main ones, TARGET ARCHERY and HUNTER-FIELD (hunting and countryside).

Archers registered with sports clubs can practice "Hunter-Field" archery in the 60 hectares of woods surrounding Masseria Ruotòlo.

The competition, held in the woods, is divided into two parts, each with 12 pitches. The distances of the targets are known in one case and unknown in the second. To hit the targets, archers must be skilled enough to shoot in unusual settings, with variable light and shadows. They must also be able to judge distance accurately.

The straw targets are black with a yellow centre. Their height and orientation vary.

Anybody interested in taking up archery professionally can contact Ms Sina Nurra, calling on

Landline no. +39 0804657461

Mobile + 39 3403357058